Reset WC ShipStation Authentication Key

This extension removes the active authentication key so that the WooCommerce ShipStation integration extension can generate a new key. Only use this if you’re intentionally removing the key for some reason, and are having trouble deleting woocommerce_shipstation_auth_key option from wp-admin/options.php

Reset ShipStation Authentication Key


  • Install and Activate this plugin
  • Find the Reset ShipStation Authentication Key tool under WooCommerce > Tools (or WooCommerce > Status > Tools)
  • Click Delete Key on the right
  • Find the new key under WooCommerce > Settings > Integration > ShipStation
  • Access your ShipStation Account > Settings > Selling Channels > Edit the linked WooCommerce Site
  • Replace the empty Authentication Key field for the store with the newly generated key.
  • Import the orders manually on your Shipstaion account: image
  • Confirm that you can see all the orders on your ShipStation account now
  • Delete the plugin once you’ve successfully followed the steps above, and wait for the next sync to go through automatically.

If you reset the authentication key, but don’t update the new key in ShipStation account, the integration between your store and ShipStation account will break.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment below. If you find an issue/bug though, please report it as an issue in the repo.

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