Custom WC Log cleaner schedule

WooCommerce by default deletes the logs within 30 days. However, it lets you control this feature via woocommerce_logger_days_to_retain_logs filter.

This is a small plugin built on top of that filter that will let you define the number of days you’d like to keep the logs for.

Custom WC Log cleaner schedule – Settings


  • Install and Activate this plugin
  • Configure the number of days log should be kept under WooCommerce > Settings > General > WooCommerce Logs > Days to keep logs – Define the number of days here
  • Plugin will ensure that logs are removed after days you’ve defined.

This setting works with woocommerce_cleanup_logs cron job that runs daily. You’ll want to either wait until the cron job runs, or manually run it if you want to see it in action before that.

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